11 August 2013

Ken, Jane and Casey

When we started the process of obtaining our visas to come to Italy in 2006 we were fortunate to find another couple who was going through the process at the same time. Ken and Jane we planning to move to Italy for a year with their son Casey and I had been in contact with Jane via Expats in Italy and we exchanged ideas on the process. When our initial visa was denied by the LA Consulate Ken and Jane were calming voices in that time of chaos. We met the three of them once in 2006 at a get together for SlowTrav and have kept in-touch since via various media.

They are traveling in Italy this summer and we had the opportunity to meet-up with them for the day in Matera. It was a very hot day so fortunately we started our little tour early. By mid-morning as temperatures were approaching 100F we found ourselves searching for shade and some AC. It was fun to show some friends part of our region and we spent a nice leisurely lunch enjoying cucina Lucania.

Having shared experiences we were able to quickly reconnect. It was fun to see how Casey has grown and all three still have a passion for Italy.

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Jane said...

We had such a good day with you and Valerie. Thanks so much for sharing your time on such a hot day. You will be glad to know that the bright red face wasn't permenant. And..that was a gepreat lunch find. I am pretty sure you will return there. Next in San Diego!