26 August 2013

House Wine

 We don’t have a plot of land where we can grow our own grapes and we don’t have the press and aging barrels needed if we were to buy grapes to make wine. So we did the next best thing to have our own house wine.

We recently visited two of our favorite cantine and purchased vino sfuso; a total of 28 liters of some reds, whites and rosato. All for much less than $2 a liter. This weekend I bought the minimal equipment required to then bottle the jugs into smaller quantities. We researched the best way to cap our wine and since we will drink this within a year, using bottle caps versus corks was the best choice.

We cleaned our assorted bottles, filled them, capped them and then labeled each. They have now been safely stored in our cantina where the temperature never varies more than a few degrees during the year.

We can now enjoy our vino di casa as needed.

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