06 August 2013

Our Lonely Mailbox

One of the first things we put up once we took possession of our house was a mailbox. Nothing fancy but something practical next to our door. Our mail box has seen very limited usage in those three years.

First we get very little mail. With email, social media and Skype we only get an occasional card for a birthday or at a holiday. We have very few bills and I do most of that on-line. Plus the utilities only bill once every two months. Advertisements are not sent via the mail in Italy, there are people who deliver these separately and being in a small village they don’t bother to come to Trivigno.

When mail does arrive in Trivigno for us it rarely makes it to our mailbox. The postina who does the delivery is frequently in the main piazza in the morning when we are and hands us our mail. If that doesn’t occur she will sometimes leave our mail with our favorite barista.

No secrets with the mail in small town Italy.

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