16 July 2008

Tractor envy

Lamborghini on the farm

Everyone knows about the sleek and fast Lamborghini sports cars that are made in Italy but I doubt many are aware there is a farm version. Last fall we were walking through one of the hill towns in the Piceno area and as an old tractor passed by us we noticed the Lamborghini nameplate; the one time I did not have my camera with me. I asked a friend of ours and he said yes the sports car company also makes farm tractors.

A few days ago we were coming back from a sagra and pulled off the road to get a better view of some sunflower fields and Valerie noticed this tractor sitting there. Looking closer she realized it had the Lamborghini nameplate. Not the usual sleek red cars we see in the area with that name but I am sure that farmer is just as proud.

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