20 November 2022

Vending Machine


In recent years I have noticed more vending machines appear here in Italy, usually in cities. These will frequently be in a small alcove on a main street open to the public 24/7. You can get a coffee, snacks or cold beverages.

In this particular machine with beverages, there are sodas and fruit drinks and... beer on the top row and a couple options for mixed cocktails. This is available to everyone, even minors?!

11 September 2022


 Lucano was given to us as a gift soon after we moved into our house. He was with us for ten years before passing away unexpectedly one year ago today. We still remember his affection and great personality everyday. 😻

We miss you Lucano. 😢

18 August 2022

Traveling Barber


I previously wrote about my experience with Italian barbers soon after we moved to Italy. I still enjoy the experience here of getting a haircut and a shave but the pandemic had created issues with access and it has been a few years since I have been able to get a shave.

I did however recently find something unique - a barber who makes house calls. Giuseppe is from the nearby town of Laurenzana and comes to Trivigno about every six weeks to give haircuts to the men at the local casa di riposo. While here he also does haircuts for several others and I am on his list.

I sit on our terrace and in less than 20 minutes I get a decent cut - all for 5 euro! I give him a tip and he is on his way until his next visit to town. Price, quality and convenience!

02 August 2022

Summer in a Small Italian Town


Summer in a small hill town in Basilicata is a mixed blessing for us. In August many Italians return to their ancestral towns all across Italy to reconnect with friends and family for several weeks. They come from the big cities and other parts of Europe to enjoy the “tranquility” of these smaller towns.

Italians started traveling this past weekend, which was one of the busiest traffic weekends of the summer. Summer vacation in Italy is not a privilege but a right for many.

It is a plus that there will be a series of events planned by the Pro Loco and the church around Ferragosto and our town’s festival for Sant’Antonio di Padova the first weekend in September. (His feast day is in June but he is celebrated at this time in honor of the summer harvest). We will see people that we may only see once or twice a year and the town will certainly take-on a new life for several weeks.

The problem for us is that for most of the year our town has about 600 residents but this summer influx adds almost 200 more people to our town for most of August - people who clog the already limited parking and our few shops. Some act like it is their right to supersede the everyday life of the year-round residents. This is especially troublesome for someone with mobility issues, like myself.

Here’s looking forward to September and a return to some normalcy!

18 July 2022

COVID Recovery


We flew back to Ohio to visit our families and friends for three week in June and had no issues. Unfortunately, when we flew back home all of the anti-Covid precautions for traveling had been dropped and we had two flights and three airports full of people unmasked. We are fully vaccinated and wear masks whenever we are in public settings.

About a week after returning to Trivigno we both became sick with strong flu-like symptoms and tested positive for Covid. Based on our lack of exposure to unmasked groups in Italy we are certain we contracted this during our travels from the US to Italy. 

In Italy we are required to remain in quarantine until testing negative. We are fortunate to have friends and neighbors who brought us medicines, groceries and some meals during our confinement.

After 10 days we tested finally tested negative but still feel weak and lethargic. Our experience was certainly not mild symptoms but also not as bad as others have had. We will continue to be cautious and follow procedures to avoid another infection as new variants develop and spread around the world.