06 February 2010

Snow again!? ...and Again!

It can stop now!

Yes the Washington DC area has been inundated again with a record snow storm…lucky us. When we moved to Northern Virginia from Cleveland this past summer I was looking to get away from the northern Ohio winter. It seems it followed us here; perhaps I owe Virginia an apology.

The snow finally stopped around 5:30 PM after more than 30 hours of constant snowing and we probably have close to 24 inches (about 61 cm) on the ground. I have been out to shovel three times to keep ahead of the accumulation but townhouses have limited space for putting snow.

Tomorrow the forecast is for cold but sunny skies, the clearing skies in the distance as the snow stopped is encouraging. It always seems easier to shovel snow in sunshine!

Sunday update:

The sun is out today and despite the temperature some of the snow is melting in the sunshine. I measured on Valerie’s Mustang and the hood showed 18” while there were 22” on the trunk (there has been some drifting).

In the three years we lived in Italy we only had snow once in Ascoli Piceno.

Ascoli Piceno 2007

 Record snowfall:

Just in time to clean-up from that snow late Tuesday it started again. After the blizzard finally moved off late Wednesday (2/10) the area had recorded 55” (140cm) of snow for the season, a new record. Once again we dug out our vehicles and slowly the roads are being cleared…however they are talking about the possibility of some more flakes in the air for President’s Day!

Over 8' tall!


Gil said...

It must be p to your chest after to most recent storm! Saw that Vancouver had the warmest January ever and they are making and trucking in snow for the Olympic Games.

Bryan said...

Gil - The snow stopped late last night (Weds) and everyone was out at our group of townhouses digging out cars and clearing the parking lot.

Today there is sunshine.

We moved from Ohio 24 years ago for a reason - Snow!

Anonymous said...

That is a Shaquille kind of snowman!

Bryan said...

Too bad I didn't see a smaller LeBron next to this snowman.
Go Cavs!