16 December 2007

Let it snow!


Last winter we had to drive up to the nearby mountains to see snow and that wasn’t until late in the season. This year it looks like things will be different. Friday afternoon we saw a few flakes drifting down from a cloudy sky and Saturday saw the arrival here in Ascoli Piceno of a full fledge snowstorm. It snowed so hard sometimes that it was hard to see across the piazze.

Having grown up in northern Ohio we are both very familiar with snow but when we lived in New Mexico the snow in town was limited to a few times each year which usually melted in one or two days. When it did snow in town we always took advantage of the calmness of the snow to take a walk amongst the snow covered sage. Here we are enjoying strolling amongst snow covered palm trees and medieval buildings. With the cold weather most of the locals choose to remain in their warm homes but as we walk around town taking some photos we see few others who are doing the same

Today we had planned to go to Bologna for the last day of the big Motor Show with the Tomasetti family but with the bad weather those plans were altered, we instead went to their family property in Vena Piccola for a grande pranzo. The hills were covered with snow and we enjoyed spending the day near the fire while eating and talking and the snow continued to fall outside. By the time we left in mid-afternoon the snow had stopped and there were some signs of a thaw.

Now it really does seem like Christmas!

*Update: Monday the papers reported 30 cm of snow in town which is about a foot, more than we experienced in Albuquerque.


Anonymous said...

Cool photos! Yes, it's looking a lot like Christmastime. We are getting loads of snow here in upstate NY. Merry Christmas!

Italian lover said...

Awesome. Snow on the ground, fire in the fireplace. Your best friend with you. Christ in your heart. This feeling .....Priceless!
Merry Christmas

Bryan said...

Unfortunately by Sunday night the snow was turning to slush, however the schools for the entire province were cancelled for today.