03 February 2010

Divieto di Scarico!


One of the problems in Italy that has been widely publicized in the media is trash. Over the years Naples’ on-going problem with trash collection and disposal has been a regular blight for the people of Naples and for the various administrations running the country. Photos of trash heaped along the streets are familiar to everyone.

Discarded roadside trash is also a common problem. In the US there are various state and federal programs target to reducing the amount of litter along the roadways. In Italy we never noticed similar programs and it was not uncommon to see people regularly discarding wrappers in the middle of a beautiful piazza.

Some areas have more of a problem than others; the roadsides around major cities tend to have their fair share of rifiuti.  We would see less to none in more rural areas. If you travel around Italy enough you will also notice differences from region to region.

This photo was taken at a beautiful overlook along the Cilento coast. The meaning is “don’t litter”…notice the bags at the base of the tree.


Laura said...

While traveling in Italy we were amazed at the trash. Otherwise beautiful beaches were covered with all kinds of trash. We noticed that there would be one trash bin for a huge beach and it would be overflowing, so there was at least an attempt to put trash in the correct location, but it was discouraging to see the seemingly lack of regard for others or the environment. I hope this can improve.

Anonymous said...

Does Italy have the "adopt a highway" you see all over the US where groups take responsibility for cleaning roadsides?

Brother Martin

Bryan said...

Laura, The beaches are especially bad during the summer months and I have also noticed a lack of trash receptacles.

Martin, I've never seen any "adopt a highway" type of signs or people out collecting garbage, except a few times highway workers.