21 October 2007

Window coverings

Italian windows tend to be very similar; many are a set of rectangular windows that open in and have a set of shutters on the outside to close out the light and rain. There generally is not a wide array of double hung, sash, sliding or other types of windows. Since the walls are masonry and the windows open in the option of drapes attached to the wall are usually not practical. Italy has a simple and practical way to dress-up the interior of the windows, they use small cloth panels that fit into the window frame.

Many of these are lace, a very popular product and produced by hand in nearby Offida. This can be expensive to fit more than one window. A simple solution is ‘cut to fit’ material you can buy in some stores and at the weekly mercato. The rolls of fabric have designs that hide the cut lines and you can easily find a size to match your window. With a pair of scissors and a small tension rod that fits in the window frame you can quickly and inexpensively dress up your windows or keep out the peering eyes of your neighbors.

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