17 October 2007

October visitors

We have been busy on the road the past two weeks, seems like everyone we know who comes to Italy all want to be here in the fall. This summer we kept telling people to come then as there was so much going on but no one took our advice, but we always like to have visitors.

Last week we went to Rome to meet our friends Norman and Jeri who were on a Mediterranean cruise and had one day in Rome. We had not seen them in over seven years so this visit was more about catching up than seeing the sights. We spent the day talking in a bar and later over pranzo and also fit in seeing the Coliseum, Trevi Fountain, the Pantheon and a few places in between. It was like we had just seen them a few weeks ago where we could pick up conversations with the ease of good friends.

While in Rome we picked-up Valerie’s sister Cara who is visiting for two weeks. We had to wait a little longer than expected for Cara as her original flight was cancelled due to weather in the US so she was a day late. We have since returned to Ascoli Piceno and with the day trips we have planned Cara is seeing some of the beautiful countryside in this part of Italy. She marvels as we do at the beauty, food and charm of this area.

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