25 October 2007

Green chile pizza!

il cibo New Mexico

We got back late yesterday from Roma where Valerie’s sister Cara flew back to the US. Valerie was feeling like she was fighting a cold and when we were in New Mexico the best thing for a cold was green chile which has a lot of vitamin C. Valerie suggested I take one of the cans of green chile that we have down to the pizzeria around the corner from our apartment and see if they would put it on a pizza for us.

Just after they opened I went down to Pizzeria Il Menestrello and the pizzailo did not flinch when I asked for a pizza margherita and if he could put some green chile from the can I produced from my pocket on top. His response would be translated as “Why not?!”. Twenty minutes later we were enjoying the aroma and taste of pizza margherita con chile verde.

A little bit of New Mexico mixed with Italia.

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