09 February 2007

Ascoli Piceno - Porta Tufilla

Ascoli Piceno – Porta Tufilla

Porta Tufilla is a medieval gate along the Fume Tronto on the north side of Ascoli Piceno. The porta got its name from the tuff on which it is built, this is a type of rock formation.

As with many historical structures in Italia this porta has been modified since its inception and it current reconstruction dates from the 16th century.

For tours of Ascoli Piceno visit Panorama Italy.


Anonymous said...

Bryan - Over the past 35 years I have been in Giulianova on an irregular basis and was there for the month of December 2006. On December 26, my wife and friends of ours went to Ascoli P. for anisette and to visit the duomo. Later we ate at Bella Napoli and noticed an American couple at the table just to our one side. Was that you and your wife? - Jay

Bryan said...

Jay - We were in Roma on the 26th, but Bella Napoli does have the best pizza in town.