07 February 2007

Italy Property Preview

Italy Property Preview

I spent sixteen years working in the insurance claims business in the US before quitting my job so we could pursue our dream of living in Italy. My focus was on the assessment of damage to homes, everything from a water leak to total burn-downs as a result of uncontrolled forest fires. Throughout my sixteen-year career I gained a wealth of knowledge in what to look for, in both obvious as well as hidden problems with structures, and found myself many times pointing out things to property owners that they had never seen before, despite their living in that house daily. I always thought this experience would be helpful outside of the insurance business.

Before we made the move to Italy we would browse the various web-sites selling property in Italy and always wondered just what the properties really looked like. Was it next to a factory; would you have to drive everyday just to get a coffee and pastry? Was the low price offered a reflection of something obviously wrong with the property that was not being disclosed by the agency? The small photos and brief descriptions the agents provide left a lot of questions unanswered.

Doing a quick web search will bring up a lot of companies that will sell you property in Italy, finance a purchase, help you to rebuild a rustico or even act as your broker in the purchase. All of these companies have a vested interest in the sale of properties; no sale and they will not be making any money. But what I haven’t found are any companies that will provide an unbiased view of a property, especially from the view of a non-Italian. Independent inspections that are a must in any real estate transaction in the US are not the norm here.

Before leaving the US we discussed potential business ideas with friends and family and one idea that many felt was a good fit for my skills was a company that would provide inspection of properties before the sale to potential buyers of property here in Italy. This would be a critical-eye view of the important issues regarding the structures – is it earthquake-damaged, sited above a train tunnel, suffering a sagging roof – but also regarding the amenities for the area, such as access to the property, proximity to services, lay of the landscape, etc. With the web-site design assistance of Pauline Kenny comes Italy Property Preview, officially launched this week.


This is an internet-based enterprise focused on providing an unbiased critical-eye view of a property for a potential buyer before a large commitment of time, travel and money is expended. A detailed inspection report complete with photos will be provided to the potential buyer to assist them in making informed decisions. This approach will help the buyer to have a look at the property beyond the rose colored view associated with any purchase, especially property in “bella Italia”.

Check out the website; spread the word!


Anonymous said...

Congratulations! I wish you the best of luck. I'll be sure to link you up.


Anonymous said...

I heard it was very difficult for a non citizen to get a work permit (certificate) . Can you explain the process for me as I am very interested in living and working in Italy. Thanks

Bryan said...

For citizens of countries that are not members of the EU it is difficult. Justlanded.com has good info on this process: http://www.justlanded.com/english/italy/tools/just_landed_guide/visas_permits/permits_to_stay