12 February 2007


Today we went to Pasticceria Guido for our morning pastry and cafe and saw a "wanted" poster with our picture. Guido always has decorations on their walls and the newest one they did is of a large scene of Monument Valley in Utah with photos they have taken of customers printed on "wanted" posters. The le ragazze behind the counter were quick to point us to our photos which they had taken a couple weeks ago (which I had forgotten about).

Fortunately this is not a reflection of our recent issues with obtaining our residenza.

* (Feb 13) Good idea Jane. We didn't have the camera with us yesterday but went back this morning and made spectacles of ourselves by taking some photos.

Photo of the two of us. "Wanted also in Texas" Ma!? We're from New Mexico!

Monument Valley

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How about a picture of the picture?