04 November 2013

Ionian Gem

The closest sea to us is the Ionian which is at the bottom of the Italian “boot”. We have not seen all of the coast but for the most part we have been unimpressed with the Taranto Gulf area. The Adriatic and Tyrrehnian coasts have some unique beaches and areas where the mountains appear to dip into the water. Around the Taranto Gulf it is mostly low plains that meet the sea where the water is relatively shallow and usually not the deep blue you will find in other areas.

This past weekend we took advantage of the unseasonably warm weather and drove along the coast a little into Calabria and found a pleasant surprise at Roseto Capo Spulico. Here the water is a clear deep blue with some rock outcrops. The most impressive part is the castello that is perched on an outcrop of stone overlooking the beach. The castello is privately owned with an upscale restaurant that also offers banquet facilities. This would be a unique location in the summer to enjoy the sun, the deep blue waters and have the castello as a picture perfect backdrop.

Unfortunately it would be a bit far for us to be making any day trips to this beach next summer.

Enjoying the Sun

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