26 October 2013

Summer Weather in October

October started with Valerie’s parents visiting for a few days, the weather was cool and it rained a couple days. This has not been the first time it was dreary when Valerie’s mom was here and one of our friends even commented that they should invite Valerie’s mom the next time we have a dry spell.

About a week after they departed Valerie’s cousin Rob and his new bride Tammy arrived on part of their first visit to Italy. The live in Alaska so they were hoping for some good weather…and they got it. Since they arrived it has been unseasonably warm, in the 70’s, and sunny. They commented that this was like summer weather for them and Rob has not been shy to wear his shorts around town.

Rob and Tammy in Melfi
We were able to visit several local locations with them such as Castelmezzano, Matera, Melfi and the Laghi di Monticchio. We lucked out that in Melfi they were have an autumn food festival and they were able to enjoy their first sagra experience and indulge in some castagne and vino. They have really enjoyed their first visit and adjusted a little to travel in Italy here in Trivigno before they headed off to the Amalfi Coast for a few days. I’m sure if this weather holds up they’ll be dipping their toes in the sea!

Even Lucano is enjoying the warm weather!
I know these warm sunny days and cool nights will soon give way to a colder November.

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