28 July 2013

Al Mare

This summer has been the summer that wasn’t. In June there was about a week of actual summer weather in the 80’s but then it became cool for several weeks. Some days long sleeves were in order and many evenings we were donning light jackets for la passaggiata.

The temperatures started to rise last week and the forecast is for real summer weather for the near future. Several cities are experiencing heat index warnings for the elderly and young, always a problem amongst concrete and asphalt. Fortunately our small village cools down at night since we are located in the mountains and surrounded by greenery.

Summer in Italy means “Al mare” – going to the sea. This is ingrained in the culture as traditionally Italians flock to the sea in August and many businesses not serving beach areas close. Advertisements and TV commercials focus on improving your beach experience.

Being a long peninsula means you are never too far from a beach area. Our first summer we were in Anzio and only a hundred meters from a beach. In Ascoli Piceno it was less than thirty minutes to the beach. Here in Trivigno it is a little farther, just over an hour to the nearest beach. We have easy access to all three coasts but the Ionian is the closest.

Sundays will find many inland locations deserted as the populace is at the beach. We first noticed this in Ascoli Piceno and it even occurs here, to a lesser degree. I enjoy the sea on a limited basis but avoid the beach on weekends when it is impossible to find a spot of sand amongst the throngs of people. You will find i stablimenti where you can rent a set of chairs under an umbrella for 10-20€, everyone has a favorite, or there are free areas where it is first-come, first-served.

We will be planning a few days al mare this August…on a week-day!

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