30 June 2013

The Circle of Life in Trivigno

Life, Love, Death

June has been an eventful month here in our small village, traversing all the stages of life.
The month began with a couple down the street having their first baby, Donato. Births are always announced by ribbons or a decorative sign hung on the door of the family. We have since been able to see Donato and his beaming parents in the piazza several times.

The new couple dancing
Serving gelato to the guests
In the middle of the month some good friends of ours, Rocco and Mariarosaria, were married here. Weddings in our small town involve a large percentage of the populace in attendance. They had a warm but beautiful day for the morning ceremony followed by a typical grand ricevimento that involved more than eight hours of eating and dancing. This is the third wedding we have been invited to since moving to Trivigno almost three years ago.

The cycle of life had an ending a few days ago when another neighbor of ours passed away unexpectedly. Michelle and his wife lived in the house above one of our cantinas and we saw him at least once every day. He always greeted us with a “Buongiorno, buongiorno” and a smile. In our area funerals take place within 48 hours of the death. The chiesa madre and adjoining piazza that is only a few steps from their front door were packed with well-wishers.

Life in Trivigno continues.

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