21 June 2013

Me and the Lamborghini

Just the name invokes a feeling of a sleek machine brimming with power just waiting to glide down the road – Lamborghini. Who wouldn’t jump at the chance to drive one?!

Having recently obtained my patente I thought it I would treat myself and experience what it is like to drive a Lamborghini. I sat behind the steering wheel while my friend Fausto gave me an overview of the pedals, gears and gauges. The silver machine with the signature Taurus bull on the front jumped when I eased it into first gear and Fausto smiled as we headed down the hill from town, made a few gear changes on the curves and then cruised back into town. Unfortunately we weren’t hitting the open road today.

Or maybe I should say fortunately as Fausto has a Lamborghini trattore. Yep, Lamborghini was originally a line of farm tractors started by Ferrucci Lamborghini after WWII using surplus US military parts. It wasn’t until almost twenty years later that Lamborghini turned his industrial efforts to make a high performance sports car that would become one the premier sports cars in the world.

We first saw a Lamborghini trattore when we lived in Le Marche. When I mentioned to Fausto recently that I’d like to take some photos of his vehicle he quickly offered the opportunity to drive it. I can now say I have driven a Lamborghini…albeit not the one most people think of when they hear the name.

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