05 September 2011

Two Bridges

Along the Fiume Basento, a few kilometers from Trivigno, is located a medieval stone bridge. You can see this as you head north on the Basentana autostrada as it is partially under the highway bridges. I have seen several of this style of bridge, of different sizes, all around Italy.

Every time I would pass this I wondered how to get to it and recently we did a little exploring and found access to this structure. According to a nearby sign there is a stone in the bridge that says the bridge was “restored” in 1402. This bridge has been around for a few years, I expect the new modern bridges looming over it will not last that long.

Unfortunately the new concrete highway bridges are built so close; fortunately the antique bridge wasn’t torn down for the new ones. Despite the overhead traffic this is a charming location and was worth doing a little exploring to locate.

The view from the bridge


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Anonymous said...

Every time I pass by on the Basentana I wonder about that bridge. What a shame it is slowly being eaten by the abandoned building projects above it. I always wonder why picnics along the Basento, Bradano, etc. are almost anathema to Italians. I am guessing they think (maybe correctly?) that the rivers are so polluted that they had better avoid them!