01 September 2011

Estate a Trivigno

Summer 2011

Trivigno is a small mountain village but there has been plenty to do during August. Just before Ferragosto people started to return to town from other parts of the country to spend a few weeks in the cool, clear mountain air…and see their family and friends. The Pro Loco office has organized several events each week to keep everyone entertained.

In addition to the religious events surrounding Ferragosto, there was a movie night in one piazza, two different nights of dancing in another piazza, a comedian put on a show in the local amphitheater, we had a pizza and music party in the piazza above our house, there was an artists’ show around town and August is not over, yet. The 3rd and 4th of September will be the climax event with the celebration for San’ Antonio with a large mercato, procession, two nights of dancing with bands and concluding with fireworks on the 5th.

There are towns around us who have had more and larger events but they are all larger towns and their events are designed more to attract visitors. The events in Trivigno are focused more on providing activities for the locals. A chance to go out in the evening chat with friends, take a stroll and have something new to do.

Trivigno has had many new faces, to us, during August and it has been an opportunity to meet new people. However, come September 5th these “turisiti” will depart and tranquility will return to our small village.


LuluNY said...

Italy during the summer is a beautiful place. I love seeing people, young and old, coming together to celebrate. This is something that I believe is lacking in my neck of the woods...amazing, yet hectic, NYC. Your video really shows how wonderful living in small tight knit community can be.

P.S. I love your blog! I am 23 yr old New Yorker that just returned home from a 6 month stay in Rome. I still dream of going back, and your blog makes me feel like I could possibly overcome Italy's disorganization and frustrations. I feel that there is lifestyle in Italy that allows you to live somewhat of a fuller life. BUT this could be my 23yr old "dreamer" self speaking :)

Bryan said...

LuluNY - Italy is certainly a lifestyle as much as the sights, foods and history. If you want to live in Italy you can make it happen - it may just take time, planning and determination.