12 August 2011

"YMCA" - Italian Style

An Italian Party Favorite

This weekend is the height of the summer season for Italy and a good portion of the country is in ferie, or will be on the 15th, for Ferragosto. Summer in Italy, whether you are at the beach or in the mountains, means le feste and this always includes music and dancing. No festa in Italy is complete without a rendition of The Village People’s ballad “YMCA”.

Our first summer in Anzio we were introduced to this and amazed by how much Italians love this song. Everyone join in to dance along with the music, jumping and hands waving above their heads. We have tried to explain to several friends over the years what a YMCA actually is the background to this song with limited interest. Teaching anyone and the actual Y, M, C and A gestures is a lost cause.

But they still have fun…and it can be infectious.

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janie said...

That made my day!!! Thanks Bryan.