16 August 2011

Bella Acqua

Lucania has good water. Punto!

The water company here in Basilicata has been praised by the national government for the quality of the tap water in this area and I agree. The water provided by Acquedotto Lucano is clear, odorless and without sediment straight from the faucet. We have been in areas of the US where the water supply is so heavily treated that you have to hold your nose to drink it, if you dare, when it comes out of the faucet.

One of the things I love about Italy is acqua frizzante, sparkling water. Not the stuff injected with gas that makes you burp, but the type that is effervescente naturale. Since this can cost as little as 20¢ a liter in the stores, I drink a lot of it (close to $2/liter in the US). No sugary sweet sodas for me when I can drink this.

Basilicata is well known in Italy for bottled water. The area around Monte Vulture in the northern part of the region supplies several bottling companies with high quality mineral water. In the local stores I have counted as many as seven different brands from that area. My favorite is Toka from Monticchio. These spring waters are so good that unfortunately even Coca-Cola has recently opened a bottling facility in the shadow of Monte Vulture.

So when in Lucania be sure to drink plenty of water, tap or bottled!

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