21 August 2011


The other day we were out in the evening walking with some friends, Antonio and Sylvia, when Antonio mentioned that he would be in his campagna the next day to zappare their vineyard. I offered to help seeing it as an opportunity to help and learn. However, when I arrived and saw how Antonio guided his motozappa, motorized tiller, up against the vines I was afraid I would end up tearing up the vines. Instead I spent most of the time practicing my Italian with his father and father-in-law.

My bounty
When I was leaving they gave me bag of vegetables from their orto. I said I really did nothing to help but they insisted I not go home empty handed. I was loaded down with zucchini, cucumbers, tomatoes, onions and even fresh eggs.

A few days later Valerie and I returned home to find some gifts at our door. Antonio’s father-in-law had made a small broom for our caminetto from some local dried plants. This is too precious to sweep with and will be a keepsake for us.  

Our gift
This is an example of the generosity of the Trivignesi…our neighbors. This was not a unique event but typical of how the locals have treated us since we arrived almost a year ago.

“Southern Hospitality” at its best.


Elizabeth said...

Does it get any more beautiful than that... You 2 have been blessed.

Anonymous said...

Well, I think you must be nice, warm people, to be so well accepted and liked in your new home. Good for you!


Bryan said...

Elizabeth - We do consider ourselves blessed, in so many ways. Thanks.

Yvonne - We may be nice people (smile) but the Trivignesi are a very welcoming group.