04 December 2010

Permessi renewal 2010

When we decided to return to Italy earlier this fall the fact that our Permesso di Soggiorno (PdiS) were due for renewal was a strong reason for us to come now rather than some date in the future. Soon after my arrival we started the process that in the past has taken as long as seven months but never less than three months. Our experience here in Basilicata with the PdiS, like so many other things, was easier than any of the previous times.

In Ascoli Piceno we used the local CISL/ANOLF office to help with submitting our documents. Valerie had talked to the Immigrazione in Potenza before I arrived and they recommended we contact the local ACLI office, a Catholic Church organization that will help anyone. They input our information into state approved forms, checked to make sure everything was correct and printed copies for us to take to the Ufficio Postale.

At the Ufficio Postale they gave us appointments for our fingerprinting at the Immigrazione. The officer there remembered Valerie and was very pleasant to talk to as he input our photos and fingerprints. He informed us our PdiS should be ready in about three weeks.

I checked the Immigrazione website earlier this week and our PdiS were indeed ready one month after our visit for fingerprinting. We picked them up today. The entire process was less than seven weeks and we have our new PdiS which are valid for another two years.

Next we will be changing our Residenza to our new home town.

I highly recommend any expatriate who is involved in any permesso process to contact their local CISL or ACLI office. Free competent assistance is available for all at these locations.


Geek girl said...

That was fast. Yeah! Another two years.

Bryan said...

Fast and pain free!

carol said...

ours will be coming upnext october, just before we return again to the states. Thanks for the update.

How's your Italian coming along? Bet you're much better already

Bryan said...

Carol - Friends here tell me my italian is getting better but I think I have forgotten so much.