30 November 2010

A Feast with Friends


Thanksgiving 2010

Valerie wrote on her blog 2Baci about our plans to have a Thanksgiving feast for our Italian friends and despite a few snags along the way we were able to feed twenty-six of our friends and local relatives this past Saturday. A dinner for that many is quiet an undertaking and something we would not have been able to do without the generosity and help of many of our fellow paesani.

Cuttin' the bird

Three friends came down from the Marche Region and Valerie’s cousin and his family from Anzi was there and the rest were our fellow residents of Lucanella. Some provided fruit or vegetables, some provided helping hands and none of this could have happened without our friends Peppino and Maria Giovanna’s agriturismo as Valerie did the cooking in their kitchen and we used their dining room for the feast.

A full table

There were a lot of new things for people to try as many of the standard American Thanksgiving dishes are unfamiliar to Italians. It was a great day to share with friends and family the meaning of Thanksgiving, the blessings God has provided for all of us.


janie said...

I'm sure your day was wonderful and the food delicious. How great to share our traditions with the Italians.

Rosaly said...

What a nice initiative! I loved it!

Niki said...

Looks like y'all had a great day. I think it's wonderful that you could share Thanksgiving with your Italian friends.

Bryan said...

Thanks! Everyone enjoyed the day and we enjoyed sharing.