07 September 2010

Houses on a Hill

Muro Lucano
The Romans tended to build their towns on the plains and would build fortifications around them. By the Middle Ages towns in Italy were being built on hills as a defensive strategy. This move uphill has given the Italian countryside the charm of hills dotted with stone or brick towns perched on hills that glisten in the sun. As you drive around the country it really is a picturesque scene.

 Looking at these towns it sometimes appears that these houses will just roll off the hill as they seem to be perched one on top of the other. In many towns they have been perched in this setting for hundreds of years. Our house in Lucanella is one of these houses.


You will find towns where the houses all appear to be the same; same color or same stone. Others will have a mix of colors and textures. I find that either combination makes for an interesting mix and walking the narrow streets between these houses while hearing the sounds and taking in the smells is one of the little treats offered by Italy.



janie said...

These photos remind me of Calitri (in Campania not far from Basilicata) where my grandparents were born. I long to go back and do more exploring.

Bryan said...

We visited Calitri and the old section does flow down the hill. These photos are all from Basilicata.

walks of italy said...

Really great post, all pictures showing that a systematic and color matching houses of the city.that's looking very nice...........