30 May 2010

Posta Veloce

Speedy mail

I have been one to complain about the speed of postal services, both in the US and in Italy.  (We never did receive the bag of books we mailed over four years ago) There have been various stories on expat sites and blogs about mail being diverted for months, held up in customs, or just never arriving. This, however, is to praise the speed and efficiency of the mail service.

I mailed a letter to Valerie at our address in Lucanella thinking she probably would not receive it before she returned to the US. I wrote a brief note and sent it of regular mail addressed to her and thought I’d wait to see if it arrived. Amazingly she called and said the letter had arrived, four days after I mailed it. It was misdirected to another Valeria in Lucanella but they saw the return address and new it must be the only “americana” in town.

La posta e` veloce!

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