30 March 2010

Almost like Italy…a trip to IKEA

Sunday we made a trip to the IKEA store at Potomac Mills just down Interstate 95 to get some inspiration for our place in Lucania. An IKEA store in America is very similar to the ones we visited in Italy. When we left the store I commented to Valerie that other than the lack of a good caffé, a visit to IKEA is almost like being in Italy. Almost.

IKEA is not an Italian company but the experience is what brings back memories for us. Wandering the maze to get through the store, the cafeteria and seeing the room layouts is the same on both continents. They carry many of the same items in the store close to us here in Northern Virginia as they do at the store we would visit in Ancona.

We were inspired to visit IKEA after I saw on Ciao Amalfi that the newest IKEA in Italy has open in Salerno. This store is just over an hour drive from our little casa in the hills of Lucania.


Barbara said...

Friends of ours visited their local (U.S.) IKEA and arranged for purchase and delivery of furniture etc, including a kitchen, to their home in Panicale. You might prefer to visit the Italian IKEA in person, but if your time is limited this might be something to consider!

Bryan said...

Barb - That could make for some interesting shopping options.

carol said...

Wonder if the "return policy" is the same in the states as it is in Italy?