13 March 2010

Italian visitors in DC

A sunny day in the District

This weekend is wet and dreary in Northern Virginia but last weekend the weather was warm and the sun was bright. A beautiful day for visitors from Italy.

We met Alfonso about a year ago while buying mozzarella di bufala in the Campania region. Valerie was in the shop and Alfonso just started up a conversation with her and we ended up meeting up with him on a couple occasions in Italy since that first encounter. Come to think of it…the initial meeting with most of our friends in Italy is associated with food!

Alfonso told us several months ago that he and his family had a trip planned to New York and they hoped to visit us in Washington, DC. They were coming on a package deal to New York so they would only be able to come to our area for a day and they did. This involved a five hour bus ride each way on their behalf to spend an afternoon with us seeing a few sites in the District. Those are friends!

We had not met Alfonso’s wife Dolores nor their son Gulio before but the five of us had a great time over some “typical” American food and seeing a few select sites around the Mall. The constant Italian chatter was music to our ears and we enjoyed Italians’ views of some typical American quirks.

A chance meeting while buying cheese and new friends spend a good portion of a day traveling to spend a few hours with us. We were honored.


Anonymous said...

They must be good friends to go so far to see you.

Bryan said...

Yes, very good friends. Plus we had a great time showing them around.