20 July 2009


“Mommy, my toes are frozen!”

It is summer time in America; children out of school and outside temperatures in the upper 80’s. So why would this be something I recently overheard a little girl say to her mother? This girl, who was wearing a mix of a sweatshirt, shorts and sandals, is typical of the dress combinations you will find in stores and restaurants all across America in the heat of summer. Why do people need sweaters and sweatshirts in July?

American businesses crank-up their air conditioning and the customers shiver in the summer time…that is why! With the push for reducing our “carbon footprint” and saving money in these hard economic times I am baffled why I find so many places here that keep their buildings so cold. It may be close to 90 degrees outside but the temperature inside feels closer to 60. If it is 90 and humid outside then an inside controlled temperature in the upper 70’s sure would feel comfortable. I may be wearing shorts and sandals but if I am heading out to do some shopping I seriously have to consider changing into pants and shoes.

One positive aspect to this is I spend a lot less time in stores and restaurants…thus spending less of my money.


erin said...

i know exactly what you mean...I can't ever understand why this is the case in most public buildings. Especially when it just makes most people uncomfortable in the other direction (cold). what a waste.

Diane said...

I always have to take a sweater with me when we go out to eat!!

Niki said...

Like Diane, I too always bring a sweater or jacket with me if we're going out to eat. I hate to sit in a restaurant and shiver.

Gil said...

I remember walking down streets in Florence, Rome and Naples and getting these nice cool breezes from the stores that have their a/c on and their doors open! More than one merchant claimed they had to leave the doors open or the tourists would think they were closed. Go figure. I almost never go to large stores except maybe Sears, so the little ones I go to are too cheap to use enough energy to freeze you. I do go to one or two restaurants where it is too cold because the help doesn't get enough cool air to overcome the ovens and if the owner isn't there they lower the thermostat.

Bryan said...

Diane and NQ - Valerie usually brings along a light jacket.

Gil - We never found places where we lived that had air conditioning at these levels, even on the hottest days of August. I'm not surprised that you would find that scene in areas pandering to tourists...American tourists.

Valerie said...

It's crazy! I take a jacket, but loathe doing so because it is SUMMER! I shouldn't have to tote around a jacket when it is hot outside!