25 July 2009

A Piece of Italy

Piece of Italy...in Cleveland

We are currently living in the Cleveland area while investigating our employment options and one of the nice things about Cleveland is the strong connection the area has to Italy. Many immigrants over the years have come to this city on the lake to start their new lives and brought a piece of la bella vita along with them.

The most prominent example of this is the section of East Cleveland called “Little Italy”. This is where many of the early immigrants settled into their own close-knit community centered on their church and started their own shops and businesses. Here you will find several restaurants, places for gelato, pastries, some Italian history and of course Our Lady of the Most Holy Rosary Catholic Church…that’s a mouthful! Every year for ferragusto Little Italy celebrates the Feast of the Assumption in true Italian style.

There are other great places for food around town and Gust Gallucci’s Italian Food Market is a regular shopping stop for us. When looking for fresh foods and a little mercato experience the Westside Market is always another great foody location.

The importance of the Italian community in Cleveland is symbolized by the Italian Cultural Garden that anchors part of the Rockefeller Parkway between University Circle and the lakefront. Various nationalities have gardens along this greenbelt but the one representing Italy is one of the largest and most impressive.

So despite being away from Italy we can still find little pieces of “home” wherever we may be.


Anonymous said...

Such a cool blog! I've discovered you in cyberspace while already living my dream in Naples, Italy. And it's true -- when I got here, at first I thought so much of what was around me came from America... until I realized that we Americans have borrowed so much from the Italians. Food is a big one. Clothing styles & lines. Architecture. There's so much great stuff to learn from life in Italy. I like their sense of 'dulce far niente' the best.


aquilotto said...

wow Nice Fontana! definitely reminiscent of ones found in Italy. It is wonderful; this internet. I did not know or would I otherwise if it was not for your blog. ya know I grew up in one of tight-knit Ital-Amer communities near Pittsburgh you are writing about there in Cleveland. I would be willing to bet the Italian-Americans in Cleveland found work in the same industry as the ones in the Pittsburgh area. Thanks again for the great Blog!


Anonymous said...

It will be interesting to see where you will be in about five years. I find it quite enlightening that you claim your home is in Italy. You're an American! It's such a shame that you constantly critize America.

Perhaps it's time you and Valerie try to find a job!

Unknown said...

Barbara and Domenic - America is a mix of what others brought here. There are cities all across the continent that have a stamp of Italian life on them.

"There's so much great stuff to learn from life in Italy."

I agree, there is much we can learn from many different cultures. When you look around and are aware of your surroundings you will see how much America is influenced by other cultures.