17 April 2009

Matera...di nuovo

Settling in

We have arrived in Matera after a couple weeks of being on the go with my sister and her husband then making a quick trip to France to visit Valerie’s cousin. I’ll write more later on those events.

After driving six hours from Rome we arrived in Matera on Tuesday afternoon to a sunny day, the Sassi are always a beautiful site on a day like that. We got settled into the apartment we have rented in the Sassi but are a little disappointed in the accommodations as they are not exactly what we were lead to believe based on the owner’s website. The owner has also rented the apartment to someone else for a couple of the days at the end of our stay, offering us their taverna instead. Not the arrangements we anticipated or hoped for after several weeks of being on the go.

Despite those issues we are settling in, though Valerie is fighting a cold, probably the one I had for a few days while my sister was visiting. We are enjoying being “in town” again where we can walk to everything we need, including our morning caffĂ©. We will use this location to see more of Matera and explore other areas of this province and parts of Puglia.

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