14 April 2009

Make a food into a store

One of the unique things about Italy is how things focus so much around food, this is clearly reflected in the naming of store types. Italians make it rather simple: you just take the food name and add an ending … presto, you have the type of establishment.

For example we all know you find gelato at a gelateria, or pizza at a pizzeria.

In southern Italy I have noticed a greater use of this word change and here is a sampling of some of them.

Pane – Panetteria or Panificio ... Bakery
Caffe’ – Caffeteria ... Coffee shop
Cornetto – Cornetteria ... Pastry shop
Pasta – Pasticceria ... Pastry shop
Stuzzicchini – Stuzzicchineria ... Drinks with snacks
Panino – Paninoteca ... Sandwich shop
Rostare – Rosticceria ... Roasted meats to go

What types of shops have you seen in Italy where a food becomes a type of store?

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