30 April 2009

If you want it that bad...

Handicap signs

In Campania I saw several of these parking signs for handicap spaces:
Voi il mio posto? PRENDI il mio handicap!

A clear translation would be:

Do you want my spot? Then take my handicap!

I found this to be a humorous approach to a serious issue of people taking handicap places who are not handicapped. I have generally seen a limited amount of available handicap parking here in Italy. These parking spaces are designated by the upper sign and orange lines on the pavement…universal markings to everyone.

Italy is generally a country that is not handicap friendly as far as accessibility is concerned with cobblestone roads, uneven (if any) sidewalks, small bathrooms and poor door access. Having an available parking space should be a given as one of the positive aspects to life here (or anywhere) for a handicapped person.

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