26 April 2009

Exploring more of Lucania


The rainy weather in Italy continues. We were in Matera for a little less than two weeks and it seemed like half the time it was raining, the locals commented on how they too have been experiencing the wettest winter and spring that they can recall. Despite the wet weather we took the opportunity to see a good portion of central Puglia and the area around Matera.

We are now staying at an apartment near Trivigno in the mountains near Potenza with spectacular views of the Dolomiti Lucane, Bosento Valley and some of the surrounding hill towns. With all of the rain everything is green, especially the vast expanses of wheat fields around Matera. We plan to be here for about two weeks and then spend some time in Ascoli Piceno before heading to Rome before we depart for the US.

With our current location we are limited to the same poor cell connection for internet we had when we first arrived in Italy, which is frequently worse than a dial-up connection. I have some posts I saved before which I will be adding later but more photos of our recent travels will be forthcoming when our internet improves.

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