16 November 2008

L'estate di San Martino

Indian Summer

I always enjoyed Indian Summer when I was a kid in northern Ohio, a period of summer-like weather in the late fall before the cold and wet of winter settled in. A period of clear and warm days before the dark, wet and cold of winter settled in.

Here in Italy we went from hot and dry to cool and wet in a few short days in late September then after two weeks it was dry and warm again, until this week. Commenting on the weather with locals we have learned that in Italy this type of fall weather is called L’estate di San Martino, The summer of Saint Martin. Italians expect this period of good weather to end on the feast day of San Martino, which was on the 11th. Wouldn’t you know it that on the 12th the weather changed to cool and wet, I expect winter will be arriving soon.

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