19 November 2008

Changing Matera

Valerie’s sister Cara was here to visit for two weeks and we took her south to Lucania to visit their distant relatives and to see some of the unique sites that this part of Italy has to offer. We spent two days in Matera and I find this city to be fascinating as it seems to change hourly and by your location in and around the sassi. We had blue skies, rain, fog and clear nights…all within 48 hours. Despite this being our third visit to this unique provincial capital I find there is more to see with each visit. In my opinion this city provides some of the best photographic opportunities you will find anywhere.

This series of photos were all taken within a span of 48 hours and all are of the same civita portion of Matera…just from different angles.


marybeth said...

great photos, Bryan!
I especially like the one at night.

bravo e grazie,

Anonymous said...

Hi Bryan,
The fotos are fabulous.Can't wait to get back.
bill and carol

Bryan said...

Thanks, Matera is one of those places where it is difficult to take bad photos.

Gil said...

Thank you for posting your beautiful photos. Photos like yours make me wish I were in Italy!