05 July 2008

Let the festivities begin...

La Quintana 2008

Today starts La Quintana in Ascoli Piceno. This summer festival pitches the sestiere of the centro storico against each other in a competition of sbandieratori, arcieri, bridge painting, costumes and two giostre. The events culminate in the Festa S. Emidio, honoring the patron saint of Ascoli Piceno the first weekend in August. As with any true Italian event there will be numerous dinners and sagre in commemoration.

The bands and sbandieratori have been practicing all year and there have been full rehearsals in Piazza Arringo for the past two weeks lasting until midnight to avoid the heat of the day. We are torn as to which sestiere we will cheer for as last year we lived in Piazzarola but this year we are in Porta Maggiore; and then there is always the under-dog S. Emidio.

There will be four weeks of nonstop activity here in Ascoli Piceno with the city filled with the sights, sounds and aromas of a truly unique event; you can’t comprehend it until you experience it yourself.


Anonymous said...

We really wish we could be there for...well everything!

maryhitt said...

Bryan, we will be in the area from July 20 to July 31. Can you tell me (or point me to a website) where I could find information on the activities in AP during that time?

Bryan said...

Steve...I'm sure Henry would be amazed by these events.

maryhitt...Check www.panoramaitaly.com

Valerie said...

Forza Maggiore! Forza!

Anonymous said...

I am an American from North Carolina and am trying to get copies of my Greatgrandparents birth certificates. He is from Ascoli Piceno and she from Acquasanta Terme. I have mailed requests for the documents to the communes, but I understand this takes forever and sometimes they do not look hard enough. I know the specific dates and her maiden name (DeSantis).
My question is-do you know anyone who I could hire to go down and conduct a search for the records in person? (Maybe the librarian you reference in the prior post, a student or a friend)
Any help would be greatly appreciated. Regards, Amanda in NC

Bryan said...

Valerie has done that type of work for others via our Panorama Italy site, you can email specifics to tour"at"panoramaitaly.com.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much. Please ask Valerie to check her email-I am sending same message from two different emails to ensure that it makes it through whatever junk filter she may be using. Thanks Again-Amanda