29 June 2008


Now we have two bikes.

Italy is a country where many of the cities and towns are perfect for using a bike to get around, many times this is much easier than using a car. Last summer we bought a new bike since I could not find a functional used bike to fit our needs.

This past spring the O’Niell/Vitale family left us their bike when they went back to the US. Steve had purchased this used bike, they named Mariella, to use for the few months they would be in Ascoli Piceno and she served them well.

Mariella has certainly seen better years but she still gets us around the centro storico. I stripped some of the parts off the bike that weren’t functioning (lights) or needed (child guards) and adjusted the brakes. She still rattles going over the cobblestone roads but she is a welcome addition to our transportation modes. Now the we can peddle around town together, ringing our bells in unison as we go.

Whenever we use Mariella we will think of Steve, Michelle, Madeline and Henry.


erin said...

oh, these bikes are so cute together! What are the names of the other bikes you mentioned?

Bryan said...

Erin, We had not named our bike but Mariella came with a name. It is actually written on the bike if you look close at the photo of the old red bike.

Anne in Oxfordshire said...

They are lovely looking bikes. As long as it gets you from A to B that is what matters, have fun!!

Anonymous said...

We were glad to give Mariella to a good home. I realized the key to riding her was to just pedal at an easy pace. Don't try to go fast, it will just tire you out. She wasn't built for speed just simple transportation. I picked her out because I thought the chain guard was cool!

Anonymous said...

Your bikes are so cute!!!

Bryan said...

Another plus in the summer heat is riding the bike slowly can actually be a cooler way to get around town, plus you build in a little of your own breeze.