01 May 2008

Fellow Americans in Ascoli Piceno

It is always a pleasure for us to meet others who have come to enjoy all that Ascoli Piceno has to offer and this past spring we were fortunate to meet such a family. Steve and Michelle spent a couple months here with their two children while Michelle was on sabbatical. Steve had found this blog on the internet and they contacted us soon after arriving and we were able to give them some tips on life here.

They lived in an apartment in our area of the centro storico and seemed to fully enjoy immersing themselves into the Italian lifestyle. Michelle has family roots in this part of Marche and has an obvious passion for her homeland. I think Steve was a little leery of what their adventure here had to offer when they arrived but he quickly adjusted and I believe truly enjoyed the pace of life.

Madeleine and Henry enrolled in the local schools and quickly became the resident experts in their respective English classes. Through them we learned new insights into the Italian educational system; not that it is better or worse, just different.

We were fortunate to be able to spend some time with the four of them and it was always a pleasure; enjoying an aperitivo, pizza or just strolling together through the centro storico. By the time they left this week they had some experiences we have not had in our two years here. We look forward to when they can return to Ascoli Piceno, if not just for a short vacation.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations! How far along is Valerie?

Anonymous said...

We had a great time there. You and Valerie really made a difference for us. The kids are glad to be home but Michelle and I miss Ascoli so much already.

We've only been home 4 days but it all seems so long ago! Hopefully, the life lessons we learned there will stay with us. At least until we can get back again.

I agree about the Italian school system. It's not better or worse, just different. There were some things I liked very much other things I am not so sure about.

Overall, I wouldn't change a thing about our trip.

Bryan said...

anonymous...not sure what you mean!?

Steve - I had a anisetta at Meletti the other night and it reminded me of you.

Anonymous said...

Now you're just teasing me!

Anonymous said...

It is great to read about other Americans living in the area. I miss speaking English with people.