04 May 2008

Accordion city


I remember when I was a kid my older brother had a friend who played the accordion in a polka band. We have seen several folk groups in Ascoli Piceno and their main instrument is always the accordion. I had always associated this instrument with polka music but here in Marche there is a city renown for making fisarmonice, accordions. Castelfidardo is located just south of Ancona and we were in that area a couple weeks ago and made a short visit. The town is not large but you quickly realize that the accordion is their claim to fame.

There are several factories outside of town that still make these instruments and we saw signs for at least one music school. Several shops in the centro storico were selling fisarmonica and souvenirs. They also have a museum with a bust of Paolo Soprani who is credited with introducing the fisarmonica to Italy.

If you are in the area south of Ancona and enjoy the folk music sounds of the accordion, be sure to visit Castelfidardo.

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