01 November 2007

Permesso Accesso

Parking permit

One of the things we have had to adjust to with living in a centro storico is parking. Our car was purchased on our behalf by our friends from Roma because a residenza is a requirement to buy a car in Italy. Earlier this year we finally got our residenza and, with the car insurance coming up for renewal, we wanted to transfer the car title to our name. Last week we were in Roma and went to the local Automobile Club d’Italia, which is the Italian version of American Automobile Association, and started the process to have the title transferred to my name.
When we returned from Roma I took a copy of this paperwork from the ACI and my Carta d’Identita to the local parking office and, for a small fee, was able to obtain a Permesso Accesso sticker that allows our little Fiesta access to the Zona Traffico Limitato. This sticker, which is placed inside the windshield, allows me to park in the yellow-lined resident areas. I don’t have to worry about paying a meter at the blue-lined parking areas or trying to find space in one of the few free white-lined areas.
I used to park in a free area up the hill above our apartment which was about a 10-15 minute walk; the distance wasn’t a problem but the availability of space was. Now, I can park about two minutes from our apartment, which has been very nice with the wet weather we have been having the past few days.

Now I need to remember when they do the street cleaning as each street has a day each week when you can’t park there from 5:00 to 8:00 AM as they are supposed to clean the street. Based on what I see I don’t think this is a regular occurrence. One street even has different days for each side of the street, just to make sure you are paying attention.

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