02 November 2007

Blowing in the wind

Wind power

On the eastern plains of New Mexico the major utility, PNM, erected electricity generating windmills a few years ago. I remember when this happened that there was a lot of media hoopla about the project. Driving along the lonely stretch of highway between Clines Corners and Roswell this windmill farm with the huge slowly turning blades is an impressive sight along the edge of the low mesa.

Multiply that view by twenty and you have an idea of what we have seen in the southeastern portion of Italy. In the Valle Vulture of northern Basilicata there are numerous windmill farms dotting the rolling hills near Melfi and Venosa. From Valerie’s ancestral hometown of Anzi south of Potenza windmills stretch along the hills north of town. A drive along any of the Autostrade in this area, whether it be the A14, A16 or E847, and you will see rows of these silent power generators atop the rolling hills. I do not know what portion of Italy’s power generation comes from this source but they are obviously making a concerted attempt to harness this renewable resource.


Anonymous said...

You made me think of my son who is away and works in a windmill field. His are 300 ft high and he climbs inside of them to make repairs.

Bryan said...

30 stories high! Sounds like an interesting job.