12 July 2007

Residenza - finalmente

Carta d’Identita

Today we went back to the Ufficio Anagrafe to show them our permesso di soggiorni that we picked up yesterday. This process was very quick as they had all of our information and were just waiting for us to change our permesso di soggiorno to the Provincia di Ascoli Piceno. They made a quick copy of our cards and that was finished.

We then walked across the room to get our Carta d’Identita, or resident identity card, which can be used as an official id. This document also has other advantages including that it provides tax advantages when buying property, allows you to buy a car and according to officials at the Ufficio Immigrazione, CISL and Ufficio Anagrafe will help us to be able to work in Italy.

After fourteen months in Italy and ten months in Ascoli Piceno we now have all of the official documents we need; at least until they require renewal in a few years.


apple said...

WOW! I just came accross you blog. It seem you and yours have done what we are in the very beginning thoughts of!! Can you give some advice on job finding etc.? My husband is a "master tech" (machanic) here in florida. He makes 6 figures here but we are fearful of making a living there? Any advice? thanks so much! reach me april.noble@gmail.com

Bryan said...

My first advise would be took look into if you CAN work here. I sent you a direct email.

Unknown said...

Just curious, are they issuing the electronic CIE cards yet or are you just refering to the PSE ? because the last time I checked it was paper ID's and they do anticipate the end of the year issuance of the CIE.



Bryan said...

Kash, Our Carte d'Identita are paper documents. I have heard there were supposed to be electronic ones but not in this province. Our new PdiS we similiar to credit cards and not the paper document we had before.

Unknown said...

Thanks Brian for your prompt response and ofcourse, for sharing your adventures :-)