11 July 2007

Updated permesso di soggiorno in hand

Carta di Soggiorno Elettronica

In May we were at the Ufficio Immigrazione to finalize the process for updating our permesso di soggiorno for our residency here in Ascoli Piceno. We were told it would be several weeks before they were ready and so it was. Today we went back to the Ufficio Immigrazione at the Questura to pick up our Carta di Soggiorno Elettronica. This used to be a full size paper document but is now a credit card sized document with imbedded computer chip, photo and holograms.

We arrived at the office about 9:30 this morning and the office was already full of people waiting for the one clerk who was available. This line was simply to verify your document was ready and to then wait to be called back into the office to get the actual document. Everyone today was there for the same reason as Wednesday mornings are the only day each week they issue the permesso di soggiorno. After realizing we forgot a document and making a quick trip back to the house we were out of the office in two hours with our new Carta di Soggiorno Elettronica which is valid until November 2008.

It was interesting that when we applied in Anzio last summer at the Ufficio Immigrazione the mix of people were mostly from North Africa and the Indian subcontinent. Here in Ascoli Piceno the mix is comprised of people from Asia and Eastern Europe areas. In both locations we are all the same sardines squished into a line trying to get the same documents. In both instances we were the only English speakers present.


erin said...

Is this normal that Wed is the only day to apply for a pdis? (or is this just picking it up?)

Bryan said...

Here in Ascoli Piceno Weds is the day to pick-up your PdiS. Applying for the PdiS is done via the post office. That said it seems each province has their own guidelines so be sure to check where you will live. I recommend contacting the local CISL office to help you with the process.