04 December 2006

Dietro la Chiesa

We were recently enjoying a leisurely drive in the Piceno hills north of Ascoli Piceno and had just gone past the town of Castorano when we saw this sign. This white sign with black letters is the type of sign used to indicate a town, this town which is called “Dietro la Chiesa”. We stopped and looked back and indeed this was “behind the church” of Castorano. “Behind the church” is the direct translation for “Dietro la Chiesa”, which is a small hamlet consisting of no more than a grouping of a few houses alongside the roadway.

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Anonymous said...

Hi! Can't believe we have a town named like that! LOL.
Near my city there's the town of PAESE ( town. A town called Town!) and then PERO (pear tree) MAROCCO (Morocco) MILLEPERTICHE (thousand climbing poles)....:-).
I've also postes in Valerie's blog but I'm not sure I succeeded in publishing it..:-S. ciao