17 September 2006

New digs in Ascoli Piceno

Saturday we loaded up our Ford Fiesta with most of the things we brought to Italy and made the four hour drive from Anzio to Ascoli Piceno. There was rain - as we packed the car, as we drove, and as we unloaded the car in Ascoli Piceno. Our new landlords, a couple who live around the corner, helped us lug our bags down the stone street and up the stairs to our two bedroom apartment on the third floor (what in Italy is called the secondo piano) in a building that is 300 years old. We were pleasantly surprised by the complete furnishings they have provided so that the apartment is fully functional. We just need to add some items for our specific needs and tastes.

The house we were staying at in Anzio was a temporary arrangement, provided by the generosity of our friends Giorgio and Francesca. Ascoli Piceno is the city where we attended language school in July and when deciding where to live more long-term, in our minds we kept going back to this city as it offered all that we were looking for: medieval centro, lively town, ability to walk to everything we would need on a daily basis, not over-run with English speaking tourists, and affordable. We are also a half hour drive from the sea, beautiful rolling countryside, and majestic mountains.

You can learn more about our new home town on the local comune web-site at: http://www.comune.ascolipiceno.it

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Corrie said...

glad you chose Ascoli! It's one of my favorite towns in Le Marche. We live north of you in Macerata (which is obviously my VERY favorite town in Le Marche :) )