15 September 2006

End of summer in Anzio

When we lived in New Mexico the summer weather started in May and lasted until at least September, which provided five months for hiking, fishing, camping and other warm weather activities. Here in Anzio the summer season seems to be over. In July and August the beaches were so crowded it was difficult to take a walk on the beach as you had to make your way through the maze of people. This week there are just a scattering of beach chairs and umbrellas and very few people in the water.

We were in the centro of Anzio this week and several bars were closed for ferie and when we wanted to get a few postcards as reminders before we move, none of the bookstores were still carrying them, though they had racks before. The traffic on the roads is down to a trickle and the butcher near us who opened in June for the summer is closing this week-end. There were several house projects nearby that had stopped at the beginning of July but have started up again this week.

The primary activity people do here throughout the summer is to lay in the sun for hours creating a tan with the color and texture of a pigskin football. Valerie has been asked on more than one occasion why she hasn’t developed a dark tan while we were here this summer. After a few attempts at explaining how, in New Mexico the link between suntans and skin cancer was pounded into our heads, this was received with blank looks so we just learned to shrug our shoulders.

We have enjoyed the summer here on the Mediterranean coast, meeting new people and experiencing the beach life. We endured the heat and humidity. One thing we have learned is that the beach life long term is not for us; we are definitely more “mountain people”.

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