19 September 2006

Trip to the Questura in Ascoli Piceno

We are now official as residing in Ascoli Piceno. Geurrino, our landlord, took us to the Questura (police station) to fill out the cessione fabbricato which is used to document that we now live here in Ascoli Piceno. This process was much easier than when we arrived in Anzio in May, today the Questura actually provided the cessione fabbricato which we filled out in the office, had stamped and left with our copy, all in less than fifteen minutes.

The drive to the Questura itself was a treat as we rode in Geurrino’s 1972 Fiat 500, which he has restored to original condition. We had noticed this vehicle parked near our apartment and wondered who it might belong to…question answered. “Una bella macchina”. The trip back also provided an opportunity for discovering new routes to our apartment down the narrow stone streets above our apartment.

We discussed with Geurrino some of the history of Ascoli Piceno and learned that the population of 50,000 to 60,000 people has been stable since WWII but that the area the city covers has expanded as house and apartment sizes have increased. He explained that in the building where we now live where there are about fifteen people, sixty years ago housed forty people with one communal bathroom…times have changed.


Jane said...

Bryan, is this the same thing as applying for residency? We have done that but the police haven't come yet to check that we are actually here.

Bryan said...

Jane, The cessione fabbricato is just registering you with the polizia (they like to know where we all are), residency is another step. We are still waiting for our PdiS from Roma Prov.